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Type Members

  1. trait CodeParserBase extends Parser[Seq[CodeSpan]] with PrefixedParser[Seq[CodeSpan]] with CodeSpanParser

    Convenient base trait that allows for passing the implementing instances anywhere either a PrefixedParser[Seq[CodeSpan]] or a CodeSpanParser is required for easier composition.

  2. trait TagBasedFormats extends AnyRef

    Configurable base parsers for tag based formats like HTML or XML.

  3. case class TagParser(tagCategory: (String) ⇒ CodeCategory, start: String, end: String, tagName: PrefixedParser[String] =, embedded: Seq[CodeSpanParser] = Nil) extends Parser[Seq[CodeSpan]] with CodeParserBase with Product with Serializable

    Configurable base parser for tags in formats like HTML or XML.

Value Members

  1. object CharLiteral

    Configurable base parsers for character literals.

  2. object Comment

    Configurable base parsers for comments in code blocks.

  3. object EmbeddedCodeSpans

    Factories for creating a span parser that detects other syntax as part of the span.

  4. object Identifier

    Configurable base parsers for identifiers in code blocks.

  5. object Keywords

    Base parsers for keywords in code blocks.

  6. object NumberLiteral

    Configurable base parsers for number literals.

  7. object NumericSuffix

    Common suffixes for number literal denoting the number type.

  8. object RegexLiteral

    Base parsers for regular expression literals in code blocks.

  9. object StringLiteral

    Configurable base parsers for string literals.

  10. object TagParser extends Serializable